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Cheap 6374 192kv Manufacturers In China

Moreover, the hardness and width of electric longboard motor are an indicator, but sometimes the elasticity of the wheel is often ignored. A good wheel is not only represented by the hardness value. Generally, rubber will have a certain viscosity and elasticity. How to judge the elasticity of the wheel? It's very simple. It's just like playing table tennis. If the flexibility is good, then it is table tennis, and the 6354 motor elastic wheels will feel different when sliding.

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No matter which 6374 brushless motor company likes to print their own logo or trademark on the wheels, with the same hardness, size, and elasticity, imported wheels are indeed more durable than domestic wheels, and the differences between the wheels are obvious. Then there is the size of the wheel, but it may be a difference in process, 6354 180kv maybe due to design considerations, and some wheels are indeed smaller, so this is also a point of difference that is considered a small difference.

How to choose the 6374 motor 190kv that suits you, yeah, and the cost-effectiveness problem, from the perspective of investment, of course, I highly recommend that you can choose about 200 imported skateboard wheels, why? From the workmanship and quality From the point of view of guarantee, it is true that the imported wheels will be used for a longer time, and the 6354 outrunner motor performance can be guaranteed. It can let you slide comfortably under the premise of matching with a mainstream bearing.

Generally speaking, the most widely used 6374 brushless outrunner motor is our little white wheel (seemingly everyone calls it), followed by the little black wheel, the hardness is generally around 101A, a little interesting thing about the little white wheel is that it has been playing for a long time It will turn a little yellow, of course, this is also the so-called oxidation phenomenon, this need not be considered, this is the beauty of the small white wheel! What is the current 5065 motor comparison of the mainstream white wheel and the imported one?

The initial effect on performance is close, the biggest advantage is that it is cheap, but the 6384 motor disadvantage is that the loss is very fast, the life is also about six months, the grip feels good, and it is relatively stable. It is a rare choice! For the middle-priced wheels, it also has the hardness of OMG imported wheels (104A), which is more flexible and faster than the small white 5065 150kv wheels. The best-selling brands of imported wheels are BD and Little Fireman. Girl, Enjoyi, etc.

Generally, this is an action wheel. After 6384 150kv installing this wheel and adding a bridge pad, you can make your double warp into a small fishboard, so it can only be a substitute. This type of wheel is relatively heavy and has a heavy weight, so you cannot practice the action Considering that people want to practice movements, but don't like the loud sound and shocking feet when taxiing, we choose the 85A dual-purpose wheel, which is the 8352 brushless motor same size and action wheel, so it is a neutral choice.

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