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Cheap 6355 190kv Motor Wholesale Suppliers USA

The special sound of skateboard wheel comes from a kind of polyurethane material, which is generally understood as synthetic rubber(6374 sensored motor). According to the mixing degree of this material, the hardness of the skateboard wheel is defined. Generally, the different hardness results in the type of wheel, which determines the price and applicable scenarios of the skateboard wheel(6384 170kv). You can also practice actions. The difference here is just "more suitable for brushing the street" and "more suitable for practicing actions".

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Or the skateboard configuration for skateboarder photographers(6374 170kv). It should be mentioned here that the size of the street wheel is large, so it is easy to contact and wear the board surface when sliding and turning, or even stop the skateboard. There is a certain danger(6354 motor 170kv). Generally, a bridge pad (a kind of pad specially designed for skateboards between the board surface and the bracket, with many thicknesses) needs to be added, which increases the distance between the board and the ground, so It's hard to practice.

After the introduction of the bearing, there will be some placement(6374 motor). A good wheel selection is just like a good protection for the skateboard bearing, which is a great enjoyment for your foot feeling and sliding experience. Each kind of skateboard wheel has its own width and fixed size. In each size and width, there are some hardness indexes to choose from(dual 6354 motor). Generally speaking, the skateboard size is 51-53mm (action wheel), and the street wheel is about 60mm.

The only bad thing is to practice. If you like the unique sound and some foot feeling when sliding, choose the hard wheel(dual 6374 190kv). The advantage of the soft wheel in sliding is that it doesn't make so much noise and feels very soft. Just like standing on the sponge, the disadvantage is obvious in doing actions(5065 brushless motor). The hard wheel may have less friction, but the soft wheel may be unsatisfactory, which slightly reduces the playability. But Considering the comfort of taxiing, it's not bad!

As we have said before, there is another point to explain that for a wider wheel(electric skateboard esc), because the contact surface with the ground is large enough, its grip is better, its buffer is better, and it is more stable, but for a narrow wheel, because the contact surface is small, but the action will be very flexible, and each has its own advantages. However, this slight difference really takes time to experience(5065 200kv). The wheel with high hardness Wear will also be slower (personal experience).

The wheels produced and designed by different skateboard companies generally have some differences in hardness(6384 brushless motor). Since we bought a skateboard, the skateboard wheels have been accompanying us on the bracket. After watching so many, we have talked about the topics we care about(electric skateboard vesc). The differences between the wheels are summarized as four points: size, elasticity, hardness and style. I feel that I should try my best to do higher and more standardized exercises.

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