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High Torque 6374 190kv Brushless Motor Poland

The high speed switch which modulates the 0 value of the resonant cavity in the optical resonator needs to be opened quickly so as to obtain a pulse laser with short duration and high peak power(6384 190kv). Using the motor to drive the total reflection prism to rotate at high speed can realize zero value modulation, which is called mechanical modulation method, which is a common method. For example, the laser gun uses the laser to generate high energy to kill(dual drive esc for hub motor).

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Radar is an electronic device which uses electromagnetic wave to detect targets(5065 270kv). However, the laser can be used alone and does not need to be combined with infrared. In radar, antenna is an important part, which is used to transmit electromagnetic wave and search target(dual drive esc for belt motor). The search target needs antenna scanning. There are many forms of antenna pedestal, the common form is elevation azimuth antenna pedestal. The difference lies in the driving load and load inertia.

After the radar is sent to the target, it receives the echo, thus the distance from the radar to the target can be obtained(8352 brushless motor). Information such as distance change rate (radial velocity), orientation, height, etc. It can be seen that high-speed synchronous motor or DC motor is often used to drive the polyhedral prism to rotate in the laser(sliding gloves for skateboarding). The rotation speed can be as high as 6 × 10'r / min, and the motor power depends on the Q-switched value.

There are two methods of scanning and broadcasting, mechanical and electronic. In the mechanical scanning antenna, many kinds of motors are used(8352 motor). Generally, the following system that needs to reach the antenna refers to the antenna angle coordinate automatic tracking system and the distance automatic tracking system(electric skateboard motor). It is stated as follows. Laser is composed of laser working material, excitation system and optical resonator.

A laser is the light emitted when excited. In the laser system, the scanning motor used in the optical mechanical system is the same as that used in the infrared technology(dual hub motor esc). Please refer to the previous section. The antenna of the radar is placed on the antenna pedestal. The angular coordinate tracking system is to ensure the antenna angular position to track the fast changing target accurately and continuously, which is usually called radar angle measurement system(e skateboard motor).

Antenna base is composed of inner and outer frames, inner frame refers to the part of azimuth axis, outer frame Qianxiang refers to the part of elevation axis(single drive esc for hub motor). There are independent tracking systems in the inner and outer frames, which use the same servo system. Therefore, the output power of the servo motor is different(electric skateboard motors for sale). The motors used in the follow-up system include DC servo motor, dual channel selsyn (or resolver) and DC tachogenerator.

In this system, the servo motor, namely the distance tracking motor(single drive esc for belt motor), drives the linear delay device via the distance axis to generate a delay pulse (distance gate). For example, the precision tracking radar usually tracks the target moving at the angular velocity of several degrees / second with the servo system of 0.lrod level precision(electric skateboard motor 6355 190kv). The speed stability requirement of laser motor is similar to that of scanning motor. The structure of the motor depends on the load of the optical lens.

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