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High Torque 6374 190kv Brushless Motor Indonesia

But this method does not give a solution to the torque ripple in the high-speed region(6374 170kv). The hysteresis current method is simple, fast and has the ability of current limiting. The hysteresis current regulator is used in the current loop. By comparing the reference current and the actual current, the appropriate trigger signal is given to control the switching device(6354 motor 170kv). The magnitude and width of the actual current determine the output of the control signal.

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The hysteresis control method can be used to directly control the non commutating phase current during commutation to reduce the electromagnetic torque ripple during commutation(dual 6374 190kv). For a well manufactured BLDCM, the cogging torque ripple and harmonic torque ripple are small, while the commutation torque ripple can reach about 50% of the average torque(dual 6354 motor). Therefore, the key problem to reduce the torque ripple is to restrain the commutation torque ripple.

The three-phase winding is completely symmetrical, the motor stator winding is three-phase Y-connection(6384 brushless motor), without neutral; the three-phase back EMF waveform is completely consistent, and the half wave is symmetrical; the inductance and resistance of the three-phase stator winding are the same; the magnetic properties of the rotor magnetic steel are the same(5065 brushless motor); the influence of magnetic circuit saturation, eddy current loss, hysteresis loss and armature reaction is ignored.

The errors caused by machining in the process of motor processing will cause the incomplete symmetry of the induced electromotive force(6384 170kv), the inconsistency of the magnetic properties of the water magnetic materials, the limitation of the power supply capacity, the limitation of the pole arc coefficient of the magnetic pole(5065 200kv), the influence of the stator reversing process, the change of the motor parameters in the working process, etc.

According to the electromagnetic torque during commutation is proportional to the non commutation phase current(electric skateboard esc), this method is suitable for high-performance servo drive system, but not suitable for permanent magnet BLDCM with small armature inductance, such as hollow stator BLDCM, PCB stator BLDCM(esc for skateboard). PWM chopping hysteresis current method can solve the problem of commutation torque ripple at low speed, but the effect is not ideal at high speed.

The predictive control method of commutation current is simple in algorithm, easy to realize, adaptable and effective(6354 brushless motor). It can effectively reduce the electromagnetic torque ripple during commutation. However, it is very difficult to achieve this. The current pan loop control method can be used to control the current rise rate of the open phase to suppress the commutation torque ripple at low speed(electric skateboard vesc), which will bring about the torque fluctuation.

No matter in open-loop control, current PI control or intelligent control(6374 sensored motor), in order to solve this problem, it can make the switching device chopping at a certain frequency before and after disconnection, control the voltage of winding end in the commutation process(sliding gloves for skateboarding), make the rate of rise and fall of commutation current equal, and compensate the total power The change of flow amplitude can restrain the commutation torque ripple.

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