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High Quality 6374 190kv 3150w Motor Sweden

The output logic control unit mainly defines the level logic of the trigger point of the comparison time(dual 6374 190kv), mainly through the bit definition of the action control register (Action Control Register). The level logic of the trigger point has the following four types(6354 motor 170kv): jump down when the event occurs, jump up when the event occurs, forced high level and forced low level.

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It is necessary to generate accurate PWM waveforms to drive power electronic devices according to their control timing(6384 brushless motor). Design uses Hall-type position sensor to collect rotor magnetic pole position. PWM symmetrical and asymmetrical waveforms; To avoid short circuit and breakdown of the device(5065 brushless motor). In this way, three full comparison units can control the generation of six PWM waveforms. The brushless DC motor has a position sensor type.

The dead zone unit is used to ensure that in any case(electric skateboard esc), the two PWM output controls associated with each comparison unit have no overlap with the positive conduction and negative conduction devices, that is, when one device is not completely turned off, the other device cannot Turn on(dual 6354 motor). Extreme cases include the user loading a dead zone value greater than the duty cycle or the duty cycle is 100% or 0%.

They can achieve(6384 170kv): three-phase inversion control; when the external pin PDPINTx appears low, once the external circuit overcurrent or through, constitute a water magnetic brushless DC motor controller, except for the microprocessor It also requires a combination of dedicated gate arrays, as well as responsive memory and peripheral chips(5065 200kv), which makes the number of chips increase, the software is complex, and the price increases.

Therefore, it is necessary to use a pair of non-overlapping PWM outputs to turn these two devices on and off correctly(6374 sensored motor). Dead time is often inserted between the turn-off of one device and the turn-on of another device. This delay allows one power device to be completely turned off before it is turned on(electric skateboard vesc). The required delay time is determined by the turn-on and turn-off characteristics of the power device and the load characteristics in the specific application.

For the control of the DC motor without concealment(6354 brushless motor), the controller is mainly responsible for processing the collected data and sending control commands, capturing the pulse signal on the motor rotor position sensor through the capture unit, judging the rotor position, and outputting the appropriate driving logic level to the MOSFET driver IR2130(sliding gloves for skateboarding), then the motor is driven by the MOSFET power drive circuit to rotate.

Drive protection circuit can complete the motor overload, low voltage, abnormal drive timing and other fault protection(6374 170kv). Each full comparison unit corresponds to two PWM pins. Based on the captured position sensor pulse signal, the current speed of the motor is calculated(esc for skateboard), and compared with the set speed of the motor The speed control program in different modes controls the set value of the motor speed eye with the speed.

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