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Generally, the transmission line of the armature electromotive force of the motor with multiple precision permanent magnet DC is fixed in space(6354 motor 170kv). When the brush is located in the geometric neutral line, the axis of the armature electromotive force will always be in the direction of the cross axis(5065 motor 150kv). Otherwise, the axis of emf will swing in a certain range with the rotation of rotor.

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Considering the anti demagnetization ability of the motor, a smaller value is beneficial to improve the anti demagnetization ability(electric skateboard esc). The following is an example of three slot motor. The main size of DC motor is closely related to the selected electric load and magnetic load(dual 6354 motor). According to the design requirements and economy, the best electromagnetic load value can be found through optimization or analysis and comparison of various schemes.

Many factors need to be considered(6374 sensored motor). In addition, but because of the use of permanent magnet excitation, because the air permeability is very close to the water permeability, so it is better to take the h of smaller ferrite water magnet, the number of poles is also a factor to be considered when selecting a value(5065 brushless motor). Length of magnetization direction of water magnet length of magnetization direction of permanent magnet h and gas brewing.

The stator size is the shell size and the permanent magnet size, while the water magnet size is related to the type of permanent magnet material and the type of pole structure(6374 170kv). TIn order to consider the influence of line fixed short distance, the short distance factor K should be introduced in the calculation of induction electromotive force and electromagnetic torque of the motor with few slots(5065 200kv). Between the two poles, the Yitong density B.

However, due to the limitations of manufacturing and assembly process(dual 6374 190kv), 8 can not be too small, and too small square will also make the reversing performance of the motor worse, and the selection of gas limit length is also related to the type of permanent magnet material selected(electric skateboard vesc). Generally speaking, for aluminum silver drill water magnet, the dry h is smaller, and the anti desoldering energy force is relatively poor, which is relatively higher.

he method and formula of calculating the magnetic potential difference in the calculation of the magnetic circuit of the water magnet motor are the same as that of the ordinary electric excitation motor(6384 brushless motor), its magnetic field distribution is different from that of the electric excitation motor, so each correction coefficient needed in the calculation of the magnetic potential difference is different from that of the electric wake-up motor(esc for skateboard).

For this kind of water-based DC motor, there are often strict requirements for its dynamic performance(6354 brushless motor). Transform the input voltage signal into the angular displacement or angular speed output of the shaft: the latter can work in the locked rotor or low-speed state for a long time and output large torque, and can directly drive the load without the gear and other reduction mechanisms(5065 brushless motor and esc). 

In addition, it is also required that the torque ripple of the motor is small and the low-speed operation is stable(6384 170kv). One of the important uses of the tank DC motor is as the control motor, which is commonly used in the automatic control system, such as water magnetic DC servo motor and water magnetic true current torque motor(best skateboard gloves). The H. of rare earth permanent magnet, such as sensitive iron, can be larger, and the a can be larger.

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