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Electric Skateboard Motor 6374 South Korea

Controls data communication between programs, programs and databases and graphics libraries, and organizes input and output data flows(6354 motor). The GM and MP series are brushless generators that have been improved and designed according to the technology of American Marathon Electric Company(electric skateboard remote control). The center of the GM series is 203mm high and the power is six specifications of 10kW, 12kW, 1kW, 24kW, and 30kW.

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MP series has two frame sizes. The center height is 228.6mm with 40kW, 50kW, 64kW, 75kW, 90kW, and the center height is 330mm with 120kW, 150kW, 200kW, 250kW, and 320kW(6384 150kv). MX series is a brushless three-phase generator with a permanent magnet auxiliary exciter excitation system produced according to the technology of Marathon Company(electric longboard esc). The center height is 393.7mm, and it has 350kW, 400kW, 480kW, 500kW, 560kW, 600kW, 6301W, 750kW, 800kW.

The above series is a 4-pole integral salient pole structure, cast aluminum damping winding, H or F insulation, and there are two structures of single bearing and double bearing(6384 motor). After the 1980s, China ’s motor industry introduced advanced foreign generator manufacturing technology in the phase tank, or developed a number of new series of generators based on the imported technology in accordance with domestic and foreign market requirements(skateboard esc).

And open different interfaces as needed, such as transferring control to other subsystems and communicating with the database(6374 brushless outrunner motor). There are 29 specifications of 250mm, 315mm and 400mm, this series absorbs the advantages of TZH series generators and the overall salient pole structure developed by advanced technology of foreign brushless generators, and the power range is 10-720kW(5065 150kv). The generator has two types of single bearing and double bearing structure.

LSG series three-phase brushless synchronous generator(6374 motor 190kv), this series is based on the introduction of the United States Magnafunk generator technology, combined with market requirements to develop a four-pole integral salient rotor structure, H-class insulation, center height 200mm(5065 motor), There are two types of generator excitation methods: with integral salient pole structure, H-class insulation, self-excitation SE and PM with permanent magnet auxiliary exciter.

These series use brushless excitation, H-level or Class F insulation, advanced technical performance(6374 brushless motor). TZHW series three-phase brushless synchronous generator, F-class insulation, there are 225, 250, 280, 315, 355 and 400 six frame sizes, two types of 4 poles and 6 poles, a total of 40 specifications in the power range of 30 ~ 1000kW(6354 outrunner motor), using brushless phase re-excitation method, above 315mm center height can also choose water magnetic auxiliary exciter method, double bearing structure .

Mobile power sources for national defense, field construction, oil extraction, etc.(electric longboard motor), among which diesel generator sets and gasoline generator sets are most commonly used. BC, UC and HC series three-phase brushless synchronous generators are "Stanford" alternators produced in accordance with the design specifications and standards of New Times International Ltd.(6354 180kv), aluminum damping windings and It adopts 2/3 pitch winding and has single bearing and double bearing structure.

6374 motor

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