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According to the prediction of authoritative agencies(electric skateboard esc), many logic gate circuits need to be built in the design of peripheral circuits to achieve the logic drive control of the MOSFET bridge of the brushless DC motor controller, the mutual ballast function of the upper and lower arms of the OSFET, and the setting of the dead time(6354 brushless motor). Relying on analog circuits, the flexibility is very poor. 

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Therefore, it is very difficult to mass produce the results of their research(6374 sensored motor). The brush is easily damaged when the electric motorcycle is overloaded and goes uphill with high power output. The output limit settings of the upper and lower bridges need to be set after the post-stage circuit is set, and the corresponding room-moving circuit is designed as required(6354 motor 170kv). The integrated MOSFET driving chip is expensive and difficult to layout when making PCBs. 

The development time is long and The reliability of the controller and the poor maintainability after a problem occur(6374 170kv). There have been many articles about the research of brushless DC motor controllers, and the setting of the dead time is achieved by the replacement of analog devices(dual 6354 motor). The research in the driving of the MOSFET has not been done in detail or the integrated chip is used to drive the MOSFET directly.

PWM output commutation control(dual 6374 190kv). At present, the wiring between the driver chip and the MOSFET is very long and easily interfered or the large inductance is introduced to make the driving unstable and the OsFET is easily damaged. This type of motor is suitable for light power bicycles with low power(5065 brushless motor). The brushless DC motor has no brushes, so it has high efficiency, long service life, no spark interference, low noise, and low maintenance costs.

Only a long time debugging in the laboratory can produce a demonstration prototype(6384 brushless motor). This control is used for high-power motors. Short-circuit accidents will occur during startup. Burning the motor and causing the motor to overheat will damage the internal insulation material of the motor and shorten the motor life(5065 200kv). In addition, the failure to start the electric vehicle quickly in an emergency may cause a traffic accident. .

Configuration, dead time setting, braking function, ADC sampling trigger output signal, etc(6384 170kv). can be set by software without the need to build complicated peripheral circuits, and its ordinary timer has an internal hall sensor input XOR detection function to achieve real-time alignment(sliding gloves for skateboarding). The high-speed and high-precision ADC inside the STM32 can realize the real-time detection of current and the reference to control the measurement of some system parameters.

Reduce the increasing cost of labor and improve the quality of products to meet the needs of large-scale production(6374 motor). The designed controller has a small variety of components, and it is easy to complete the procurement and welding process in a short time(electric skateboard motor). The main problem addressed in this paper is to realize the research of low-cost high-power brushless DC motor controllers. Corresponding testing technology and quality monitoring methods.

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