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Electric Longboard Hub Motor Suppliers China

Don't buy more than 100 yuan children's board to buy skateboards(6374 170kv). You can't skate on professional boards. The 200-400 ones are almost the same. The brand boiling point is OK. It's the best in China. Novice to buy long board flexibility to be appropriate(6354 motor 170kv). The flexibility of skateboard is limited, which can be mastered easily by novices. However, the flexibility of long board is different.

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Some long boards may not be suitable for novices(dual 6374 190kv). Standing on the board makes us afraid. This kind of elasticity The board is very suitable for itself. Novice to buy long board to control the weight of long board, not too heavy nor too light. It is better for novice to buy long board. Stick to the posture of standing balance and glide for a while, then repeat the action with the left foot pedal(dual 6354 motor). You can't practice anything!

It also requires high physical quality, like the most basic Ollie, can't jump up(6384 brushless motor)! It's better to play this game with someone taking it, without someone taking it, you have to figure out the video by yourself... If you don't know how much elasticity of the board is suitable for you(5065 brushless motor), you can put your feet on the board, quietly step on the board, feel the elasticity of the board, and the board can recover quickly after the bullets go down.

Novice to buy long board components to be appropriate(6384 170kv). Usually, the long board is heavier than the skateboard. After the novice touches the long board, he will feel that the board is very heavy. It is inconvenient to walk and slide. It's better to choose a lighter long board, which has the same weight as the skateboard(5065 150kv). We can play the board easily, control the long board better, and learn the long board action soon.

Skateboard is very good, novice touch the board will feel very comfortable, there are many long board styles(6354 brushless motor), standing on the board gives us different feelings, to make ourselves play board more happy, we have to choose a comfortable long board. It's better to have a soft board with a certain elasticity. It's not too tired for feet to stand on it(electric skateboard vesc). It's also very easy for comfortable long board to do all kinds of actions, which brings us a lot of joy.

When choosing long board(electric skateboard esc), try to choose a long board that is elastic and close to the skateboard, and try to reduce the difference between the long board and the skateboard as much as possible(esc for skateboard). The elasticity is suitable for standing on the board, which can better get used to the long board, master the long board better, and easily make many of your favorite long board actions, so that the novice can quickly get used to the new long board.

Repeat the exercise to have a better slide, the interval can be 10 meters 20 meters at the beginning(6374 sensored motor), then lengthen to 50 meters, 100 meters, repeat the exercise, until you can easily and skillfully speed up the slide stop, beginners can also block slide, in the block slide, it is very important to turn and stop quickly, when you slide down the slope, the speed will be faster, you must learn to use two One foot on the skateboard(6374 motor).

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