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Cheap Electric Longboard Hub Motor Wholesale USA

It is smoother to taxi, but because the children loosened the bridge a half and a half during the daytime, and they were too anxious to go out at night, they forgot to bring a wrench(6374 motor). Therefore, the board was very difficult to slide because the board PU was too loose, and the speed swayed back and forth after 20 It was terrible(6354 motor). At last, it only slid for a few kilometers at a low speed.

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Because the bridge was loose, both feet had to work hard to maintain balance, and the station was quite tired(electric skateboard esc). Therefore, you have to carry the tools to avoid disappointment. Because there is sandpaper on the handle, there is still some lighting in the dark place. This is a photo of the skateboard interview on the riverside step road at night(6354 180kv). From the reflection of the road surface, it can be seen that the riverside walking path is relatively smooth.

In order to test the limit Climbing performance, I came to the underground garage for testing(6374 sensored motor). Because the garage is a turning road, the slope is not even but changes. The position where the maximum slope starts at 14 degrees is marked in the figure(6354 outrunner motor). After connecting the charger, the gear brakes of electric skateboards give more confidence, I suddenly wanted to take a look at it one more night. I don't know if a belt slip has occurred. 

I had to jump off the board, but at the same time, because I was panicked, I forgot to pull down the remote control's brake at the same time(6374 170kv). At the moment of the lower board, the board shot out at least twenty yards and hit the wall (good in the video) (A big bang), but fortunately, the person and the board (just hit the wheel) are okay(5065 motor), so I think that if you can add a brand of electric board "auto stop when the board is lowered," it is actually quite useful .

When going out to play again at night, it will take a period of culvert to reach the riverside, so you can try a good downhill(dual 6374 190kv). At this time, visually observe that the downhill slope is about 10 degrees, and the downhill is when the board slowly starts to accelerate(skateboard esc). With the brakes on the remote control, the biggest feeling is that compared with the foot brakes of ordinary skateboards, but not because of the disc brake system of the vehicle.

The meal-by- meal situation sometimes happens on an uphill slope(6384 brushless motor). When going uphill, the lightning skateboard seems to be full of power, and it is still accelerating even when it reaches half of the slope. But unfortunately, there will be a meal when it is almost reaching the top of the slope(5065 150kv). This situation happened again when returning to the original slope on the way home. It is not known whether the belt slipped or the power overload was protected.

Although I tried a lap slowly in the yard, this is the first day to charge the skateboard with about 15% of the remaining power on the skateboard the next day(6384 150kv). How much is the power off? Then press the power switch. Repeatedly pressing it a few times has no response. The startup is not successful until the charger is unplugged(electric longboard esc). It should be that the manufacturer has set protection during the charging process to prevent accidental power on.

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