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The second-generation robot has not only an internal sensor surface but also an external sensor, and can acquire external environmental information(5065 270kv). The third-generation robot has a variety of intelligent sensors that can sense and understand external environmental information(dual electric skateboard esc), including the ability to understand language instructions issued by humans.

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In a broad sense, except for performing robots, the rest can be called industrial robots(6355 190kv). This field is beyond human ability, and only robots can perform operations. The application fields of industrial robots are mainly in the following three aspects. These rated parameters are parameters when a free-flying body is held in outer space(6374 motor 130 kv). The shape and size of the robot are very important. Can learn and have autonomy in decision-making.

The application of industrial robots in agriculture, the use of robots for fruit and cotton harvesting(electric skateboard brushless motor), agricultural product and fertilizer handling and storage, fertilization and pesticide spraying, etc., have regarded agriculture as a special industry (Agriculture Industry); scope of work(dual 6374 motors). When the robot performs a job, it may not be able to complete the task because of a dead zone that the hand cannot reach.

The work in this field is a kind of work that is harmful to health, and has a lot of life-threatening or unsafe factors(6355 180kv motor). It is not suitable for people to do it. Industrial robots are the best way to do it. The application of industrial robots in the medical field, Long Beach Medical Center in the United States successfully performed brain tumor surgery using robots(6355 260kv motor), and regarded the medical field as a health care industry.

Another example is the wall climbing robot, which is especially suitable for spraying, inspecting and repairing the outer walls of super high-rise buildings(electric longboard hub motor). Another example is the application of robots in punching, cutting, mining, painting, forging and underwater operations, which make people receive good labor protection(best skateboard hub motor). For example, people can work in a nuclear-contaminated and life-threatening environment.

It was designed and manufactured by the Canadian company SPAR Aerospace(6374 192kv). The operating arm is the world's largest articulated robot (operating arm). The rated load of the operating arm is 15000kg, the maximum load is 30,000kg: the maximum speed of the end manipulator is: 0.6m / s when no load, 0.06m / s when 15000kg is loaded, 0.03m / s when 30,000kg is loaded(6374 149kv brushless outrunner motor); positioning accuracy 0.05m.

The robot in the folded and contracted state enters along the axial direction of the entry hole 4 and is pressed tightly by the compactor 16(149kv 6374), and each arm is sequentially opened under the control of the computer, so that the front-end camera 14 reaches a predetermined observation point(6374 motor amazon). At present, if the earth's gravity environment does not have any external load, raising the 450kg operating arm will cause great deformation.

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