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The transmission ratio of the reducer is selected according to optimization(skateboard motors). The load characteristics of this type of generator can be analyzed by a linear circuit, and its characteristics will be introduced in the generator(6354 180kv). This section discusses common issues in the operation of micro and special motors: the operating state, stable operation, and work system.

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The operating conditions are introduced in the next section, using the environmental conditions(electric longboard motor). The individuality of operation will be analyzed in the following chapters of various special motors. However, the generators described can only be operated in a single quadrant of the generating state(6354 outrunner motor). From the application of the previous micro special motor, we must know the working load and operating requirements of the micro special motor.

The two are completely different(6374 brushless motor). From the working principle of the motor, it can be known that the motors work reversibly, that is, they can operate as motors under certain conditions, and operate as generators or electromagnetic brakes under other conditions(5065 150kv). Its electric power is the electric power supplied to appliances, equipment and systems, such as electric motors, electrical appliances, electrical and electronic machinery, and so on. 

The speed is negative n <0, the electromagnetic torque is negative T <0.1A <0, the motor is in the electric state, and the energy is transferred from the motor to the working machine, but the rotation direction is opposite to the working state of the first quadrant(6374 motor 190kv). In the micro special motor, the load of the motor refers to the working machine driven by the motor, and the load of the generator refers to the circuit that consumes power(skateboard esc).

The speed is negative n <0, the electromagnetic torque is positive T> 0.A> 0(6374 brushless outrunner motor), the motor is in the state of generating or braking, the energy is transferred from the working machine to the motor, and the electric energy is fed back, but the rotation direction is opposite to the second quadrant working state(electric longboard esc). The transmission can be considered as part of the load and will be introduced together, and the load requirements.

In the application of motors, four quadrant operation or two quadrant operation or single quadrant operation can be realized through various control methods(6384 motor). According to the nature of motion, the motor load can be divided into the following types. This chapter only discusses the basic principles of selecting motors(electric skateboard remote control). Specific product selection and applications will be introduced in various types of motors. 

Generally, the motor adopts decelerating transmission or rotary conversion linear transmission(6384 150kv). The main transmission methods used are: gear reduction transmission; rope chain reduction transmission; gear conversion linear transmission; fly belt conversion linear transmission; guide rod conversion linear transmission(e skateboard motor). The stable operation of the motor depends not only on the motor itself, but also on the mechanical load.

In micro and special motors, the selection of motors and generators is very different, the selection of motors is more complicated, and the selection of generators is simpler(6354 motor). When selecting a motor, we must first understand the load of the motor, which includes the type and size of the load, the environment and working conditions of the load(sliding gloves for skateboarding). The operation of micro and special motors covers a wide range.

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