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Cheap 10mm Shaft 6374 Motor Suppliers China

Applied to electric vehicles, reducing unsprung mass, improving driving stability and comfort(skateboard vesc). The problem of matching the torque or speed of the power end and the load end in the transmission system usually requires mechanical gears to solve. However, the introduction of mechanical gears also brought unavoidable problems such as vibration, noise, lubrication, and maintenance difficulties to the transmission system(6374 motor 200kv), and it cannot obtain a large transmission torque.

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This non-contact transmission method uses magnetic field forces by means of a magnetic field, and can realize variable-speed transmission without contact, including electric excitation and permanent magnet excitation(electric skateboard motor). The electric excitation type can obtain large transmission torque, stable operation, low noise, low friction, mature development, but there are problems such as excitation loss, which makes the overall transmission efficiency decrease(e skateboard esc). The structure of a traditional magnetic gear is similar to a mechanical gear.

The high speed and deceleration through the planetary gear mechanism drive the hub to rotate(6384 190kv). Therefore, people began to study some non-contact transmission methods. At the same time, the role of permanent magnets will also generate radial magnetic tension, which will also have a certain impact on the support of magnetic gears(best electric skateboard motor). In recent years, there have been some variable-speed transmission methods developed based on electromagnetic theory. 

The permanent magnet excitation transmission method does not have the problem of excitation loss, so it has high transmission efficiency(6354 brushless motor), but the magnetic field magnetic induction intensity is affected by the performance and structural size of the permanent magnet material(electric motor for skateboard). The performance has been greatly improved, and the superior performance of magnetic gears has also begun to manifest, so magnetic gears of this structure have basically no practical value.

The concept of magnetic gear was first seen in the early 20th century(5065 270kv). In 1913, the United States applied for a patent for magnetic gear. However, due to the poor magnetic properties of hydromagnetic materials at the time and the constraints of the traditional magnetic gear topology, the utilization rate of magnetic materials in magnetic gears was very low(electric skateboard hub motor), resulting in a very low torque density of magnetic gears, which limited the promotion of magnetic gears.

The magnetic gear of this structure has two rotor shafts in parallel, the number of permanent magnet poles placed on the surface of the rotor is not the same(8352 outrunner motor), and the torque is transmitted by the permanent magnet magnetic fields of the two rotors. Because the outer diameters of the two rotors are not the same, the speed and torque ratio function is realized(best motor for electric skateboard). The size and weight of the motor are small, but the wear and vibration of the mechanical gear box reduces the efficiency of the system.

The inner rotor structure is an indirect drive motor(83mm hub motor). Toroidal magnets, each magnet is magnetized in the radial direction, the number of poles and the outer diameter of the two rotors are different. Because the permanent magnets attract each other by the opposite sex and repel the same sex, the different poles of the two cylinders are close to each other at rest, and when the driving wheel rotates(e skateboard motor), the driven wheel is driven by the action of the basic field force.

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