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Belt Drive Electric Skateboard Motor Taiwan

The waveform of back EMF of trapezoidal motor is trapezoidal wave with wave crest greater than 120 ° electrical angle, and that of sine wave motor is sine wave(8352 brushless motor). In view of the problem of torque ripple of permanent magnet BLDCM and the problem of high iron consumption in the high-speed operation of small frame induction motor, this paper analyzes the torque ripple(dual drive esc for hub motor), introduces various methods of torque ripple suppression.

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Theoretically, the trapezoid is driven by the current pulse of square wave or trapezoid wave in the same phase(8352 motor), and the sine wave motor is driven by the current in the same phase, and puts forward a power circuit including structure of torque ripple suppression in the speed regulation field(dual drive esc for belt motor). Permanent magnet BLDCM can be divided into trapezoidal wave motor (also known as BLDCM) and sine wave motor (also known as AC synchronous motor).

A method of iron loss control is introduced from the point of view of control, and the test results are given(dual hub motor esc). In the conduction region, the magnitude of the electromagnetic torque is only related to the back EMF of the phase winding and the instantaneous value of the current of the conduction phase(electric skateboard gloves). When the B-phase winding current is 0, the commutation process is over, and the motor enters the A-phase and c-phase conduction operation area.

Take the three-phase 6-state water magnetic BLDCM as an example(6384 190kv). The permanent magnet BLDCM system has the advantages of high torque current ratio, high speed, reliability and easy control, which is widely used in small and medium power drive occasions. But the disadvantage is that the torque ripple is large(electric skateboard motor), so that the smooth or minimum ripple torque can be obtained, which restricts the application of permanent magnet BLDCM to a certain extent.

For the stator free core hollow cup water magnetic non auxiliary DC motor, because of the smaller armature inductance(single drive esc for hub motor), the electromagnetic torque fluctuates greatly in the conduction region. When the winding of the water magnetic brushless DC motor is from the B-phase reverse conduction to the c-phase reverse conduction conversion(5065 brushless motor 150kv), the A-phase winding is still positive conduction, and the motor enters into the commutation operation area.

Because of its small size, simple structure, high power density, large output torque and good dynamic performance(5065 270kv), the hydro magnetic BLDCM has been widely used, especially in the occasions and fields where the satellite attitude control inertia actuator, robot, precision electronic instruments and equipment have higher requirements for motor performance and control accuracy, good dynamic performance(electric skateboard brushless motor), its application and research are paid more attention.

Therefore, due to the existence of the inductance of the phase armature winding of the permanent magnet BLDCM(single drive esc for belt motor), the key to effectively restrain the cogging torque ripple is to choose the appropriate angle of the slot. Therefore, it is necessary to classify and summarize the torque ripple and its suppression methods, which can provide reference for practical application and theoretical research(esc for 6384 electric skateboard motor). At this time, a, B and C three-phase windings are all connected with current.

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