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6374 Brushless Sensored Outrunner Motor Brazil

The motor stator of this structure can use the slotless hollow cup stator structure of the non-conducting core(8352 motor), which can completely eliminate the The effect of cogging torque ripple; but the winding inductance is significantly reduced, , or a comprehensive application of several methodsgenerally only a few μH to tens of H(dual drive esc for hub motor), so the PWM component in the stator current is very obvious. Generally, the effect is more obvious in a smaller speed range.

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In order to eliminate the cogging torque ripple, the slotless winding permanent magnet brushless DC motor can be used for the toothless elliptic winding(dual hub motor esc). Water-magnet brushless DC motor is a complex system with multiple variables, nonlinearities and strong coupling. It is difficult to describe it with an accurate mathematical model(6374 3000w 170kv). At a certain speed, this control method can reduce the torque ripple to less than 2% of the rated torque.

The electromagnetic torque estimator can be designed according to the principle of adaptive control(6384 190kv), and the main harmonic coefficients of torque ripple can be calculated by the adaptive control law according to the current and the rotation angle, thereby calculating the estimated value of electromagnetic torque(best brushless motor for electric skateboard). At the same time, existing literature has studied a new strategy of neural network control to suppress the torque ripple of the sensorless brushless DC motor.

First, establish the basic assumptions of the mathematical model of the three-phase permanent magnet brushless DC motor(single drive esc for hub motor). And the reference value of non-commutated current is constant, the current waveform output by the current regulator is determined by the error between the specified value and the estimated value(electric skateboard motor), and the torque ripple control is minimized. Its control accuracy depends on the distribution of back-EMF harmonics, and is more sensitive to changes in motor parameters.

This method can achieve the control of torque ripple minimization in a large speed range(5065 270kv). Neural network control is a control method that basically does not depend on the model. It is more suitable for control objects with uncertainty or high nonlinearity, and has strong adaptation and learning functions(belt driven motor for electric skateboard). After determining the non-commutated phase current to be controlled and the corresponding reference current, the phase current is controlled by a hysteresis comparator.

Both can well suppress commutation torque ripple(single drive esc for belt motor). The RBF neural network is used to estimate the rotor position and the reference current of the winding at a given torque online, and according to the reference The current adjusts the actual current injected into the winding to make it closer to the square wave, and minimizes the torque ripple caused by the unsatisfactory current waveform(electric skateboard brushless motor). The Kalman filter is used to realize the control of torque ripple minimization.

The current common methods for suppressing torque ripple of permanent magnet brushless DC motors are roughly divided into two categories(8352 brushless motor): optimization The design of the motor body adopts various control strategies. In actual application, a certain appropriate control method should be selected according to the specific occasion and different requirements(dual drive esc for belt motor). This highlights the limitations of classic control theory and promotes the development of modern control theory.

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